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Today’s customer demands highly reliable, cost-effective solutions that address the modernization needs of their vehicles. ArmorWorks is well-positioned to support these requirements, with full fabrication, manufacturing and assembly capabilities.

In addition, ArmorWorks has superior skills in the areas of design, development, test and evaluation, producibility as well as in fielding complex systems to government and commercial customers. Our highly talented technical team uses the latest tools, systems and processes necessary to manage commercial and government contracting program requirements.

For more than 22 years, ArmorWorks has fielded tens of thousands of vehicle armor systems, body armor, blast attenuating seats and security barriers to some of the world’s most demanding customers.

This strong performance history has created a bright future.

If you believe you have the world-class skills to be a part of the ArmorWorks Supplier/Work Force Team, keep reading. And thank you for your interest in ArmorWorks — a leading developer of survivability systems.

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