Integrated Survivability Technology Solutions

Be Ready for Anything

ArmorWorks designs, develops, tests and produces a wide array of secure doors, vaults and structures that protect people and sensitive materials. Patented products range from blast-resistant doors to large forced entry-resistant doors used to secure our nation’s most critical assets. These doors are designed by ArmorWorks to withstand customer-specified mechanical and explosive threats and are integrated into building design requirements.

Safer Transport

We also produce armored vehicles that are qualified to safely transport sensitive material on public roads that will repel any attack or forced entry.

ArmorWorks has designed, developed and qualified a secure tractor/trailer system that allows the safe transportation of sensitive hardware and material over public roads. This system contains a heavily armored cab and a blast-resistant and forced entry-resistant cargo containment system. This system has recently completed environmental, EMI, shock and vibration testing by the U.S. Department of Defense.

We protect the nation’s most valuable assets
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