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Since 1996, ArmorWorks has been designing and manufacturing high-tech military vehicle armor: armored truck, armored hummer, etc.

Our military vehicle armor system has been designed to meet the military’s goal of fielding a lighter, more rapidly-deploying force to meet 21st century requirements, while providing protection against a broad spectrum of ballistic threats.

ArmorWorks vehicle armor system is tested, ready, and combat proven. Our military vehicle armor has consistently received high marks resulting from independent third-party ballistic testing conducted at HP White laboratories. Additionally, it has received Army safety release from the U.S. Army Aberdeen Evaluation Center, verifying the protection offered by our vehicle armor kit against small arms, mine, and full-scale IED blast.

Vehicle Armor Products

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Vehicle Armor Ballistic Engineering

  • ArmorWorks maintains a comprehensive Proprietary Ballistic Database of materials and ballistic results to facilitate the development of customer ballistic designs to meet your vehicle armor requirements.
  • ArmorWorks has demonstrated a high rate of commercialization of technologies from SBIR programs maximizing the utilization of government funding.
  • Our Modular armor design allows for rapid prototyping and development allowing our engineers to develop and test new vehicle armor designs within days.
  • Our expertise with Ballistic Fibers and Materials allows for the lightest weight and highest levels of protection through state of the art composite solutions. This expertise allows us to match materials to achieve specific threat levels while minimizing up armor weight and cost.

Installations Services and Training

  • Armor Works maintains a group of well trained and fully qualified FSR’s to provide field training, service, and support anywhere in the world.
  • In addition to supplying engineers and technicians for field installation, complete Instruction Manuals, DVDs and/or VCR Tapes can be provided with your Vehicle Armor Kit.

Vehicle Armor Testing and Product Validation

  • Our Ballistic Advantage Vehicle Armor Kit has received Army safety release from the U.S. Army Aberdeen Evaluation Center. These tests not only certify the Armor against Small Arms, Mine Blast, and Improvised Explosive Devices IEDs, but also demonstrate the road worthiness of armored vehicles with our up armor kits, both on and off road.
  • Independent 3rd party testing of first articles and lot testing.

Tactical Armored Vehicles

ArmorWorks uses a modular armor approach to vehicle protection. We install a space frame that accepts standard size, and interchangeable armor panels.

Easy Installation: Requires no vehicle modification or special tools.

Field Configurable: Simplified installation allowing reconfiguration for mission specific configurations.

Extended Armored Vehicle Life: Increased useful load over conventional steel kits, while maintaining vehicle maneuverability and vehicle life expectancy.

  • Small arms, mine blast and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED Protection)
  • Approved by US Army – Automotive, ballistics, safety
  • Combat tested in Iraq
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