Phoenix Active Barrier

The Phoenix High Security Vault Door System offers the highest level of protection against all know forms of breaching techniques. Including platters, bulk explosives, thermal and powered cutting devices and hand tools.

These doors can meet any level of protection required for the defense of special nuclear materials and other high value and dangerous assets.

Easily retrofitted into existing facilities and can meet all life safety requirements.

Core Benefits

  • Developed to defeat the “Dedicated Adversary”
  • Twelve years of advanced development testing and construction
  • Available in three distinct weights to match your specific facilities requirements
  • Light weight : Up to 500 lbs. TNT equivalent
  • Medium weight: Up to 1000 lbs. TNT equivalent
  • Heavy weight: Over 5000 lbs. TNT equivalent
  • Custom hybrid designs: To meet any threat level


Standard Equipment:

  • Advanced stand-off blast panel
  • Double shear lock pins
  • Full glass plate re-locking system
  • Blast and tool re-lockers
  • Full torch and hand tool resistance
  • Slip in retrofit framework


  • Fire rating equivalency
  • Panic hardware
  • Remote operation: pneumatic, hydraulic or electro-mechanical
  • Dual combination locks XO-8 or G-1R
  • Emergency egress hardware
  • Unlimited door sizes