Monster Magnet Locking System

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Monster Magnet Locking System

The Monster Magnetic Locking System is Mandall’s new 9.5” magnetic lock. This technically advanced lock offers a holding power of 24,000 pounds each. All locks have a high hard armor strip in front of the magnetic coil and a hardened steel exterior cover plate to defeat drilling or penetrating the coil and lock assembly with a projectile. In addition to the increased holding power, this lock is provided with a series of features meant to defeat many of the breaching techniques used against magnetic locks. Time delays during testing were greatly increased against a broad range of hand tools. A must-have product for any organization or individual interested in security.

In recent tests these locks provided a time delay of over 5 minutes against an advanced tool attack by a trained Special Forces breaching team. This time delay does not apply to explosives or high energy breaching techniques which would require an upgraded door panel and frame.

Core Features

  • Extended delay times against advanced breaching techniques
  • Low power requirement, will operate with most existing power supplies
  • Bolts to existing hollow core metal 1 3/4” steel door and frame
  • Meets all relevant emergency egress requirements
  • Operates with either 12-volt or 24-volt power supplies
  • Power supply not included
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