Agave Passive Barrier

The Agave High Security Door System is an upgrade to the Cholla security door. The Agave incorporates a multi-pin mechanical locking system as well as a composite matrix fill that controls and reduces the effectiveness of a bulk explosive charge. The most cost effective solution available for the upgrading of physical security while still maintaining all existing fire and life safety requirements.

Core Benefits

  • Developed to defeat the “Dedicated Adversary”
  • 12 years of advanced development testing and construction
  • Slip in retrofit without the removal of existing door frames
  • No re-engineering or seismic studies required for installation
  • Higher security solution engineered to exceed surrounding walls by a minimum factor of 1.5X
  • Torch and tool resistant internal barrier system
  • Meets Mandall Test Standard: MA-2002-241-5


Standard Equipment:

  • Multi-layered composite construction with composite matrix blast absorbent layer
  • Blister stand-off
  • Blast re-lockers
  • Full torch and hand tool resistance
  • Massive frame work construction
  • G2 combination lock
  • Exterior paint and coatings
  • Slip in retrofit framework
  • Door size 3’0” x 7’-0”


  • Full blast absorbent matrix fill
  • Fire rating equivalency
  • Emergency egress hardware
  • Remote operation: pneumatic, hydraulic or electro-mechanical
  • Upgrade combination locks XO-8 or G-1R
  • Powder coat finish
  • Unlimited door sizes
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