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ShockSafe Mat

ShockSafe blast mitigation floor mat works with the mine blast attenuating seats, to provide mine blast protection to lower extremities without requiring feet to be off the floor surface. ShockSafe is ideal for applications where there isn’t clearance for footrests on energy attenuating seats or to supplement footrests in order to allow a greater range of motion without sacrificing protection. ShockSafe out performs other products on the market at a very competitive price.



High Abrasion Cover – provides excellent vibration and dampening isolation while providing a firm “comfortable” walking surface for the occupant.

Energy Absorbing Mat – ShockSafe Patent Pending Core Technology provides optimum energy dissipation at all threat levels.

Ballistic Spall – ShockSafe Spall Protection (optional) utilizes state of the art composite armor technology to mitigate and contain blast fragments.


FMVSS 302 Flammability Requirements

MIL-STD-810G Environmental Testing

MIL-STD-1472F Human Engineering

ASTM 1028 Static Slip Resistance Test

BSS 7239 Burn Product Toxicity


Completely Customizable: ¾” and 1 ½” thickness depending on configuration and requirements.

Optional Spall Protectin depending on operational needs.

Easily retro-fitable with multiple attachment methods which include: High strength Velcro, polyurethane adhesive, bolt and eyelet configuration, etc.

High performance at a very competitive price.

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