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Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC)


US Navy / Naval Surface Warfare Center


Designed, fabricated, qualified, field upgrade, and new armor. Armor package included 15 different panel configurations meeting the US Navy’s weight restrictions as well as significant threat and marine environment criteria.

Produced over 2,000 ceramic composite armor panels or approximately130+ kits.

2006 – ArmorWorks was awarded an LCAC contract from US Navy to develop and manufacture enhanced LCAC armor. ArmorWorks worked closely with NSWC-Panama City to meet requested deliveries of approximately1,500 panels.

2007 – ArmorWorks was awarded an LCAC follow-on armor contract to provide 40 additional sets of 10-panel armor kits. Completed this contract in early 2008 (nearly 5 weeks early).

2011 – ArmorWorks was awarded an LCAC contract for 4 additional 58-panel primary ballistic protection kits.


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