Integrated Survivability Technology Solutions

Protection in Air,
on Land and Sea

ArmorWorks products protect a range of military and commercial customers operating in air, on land and sea. Our product family includes armor for ground vehicles, fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, and vessels.

Testing (Ballistic, Blast and Breaching)

ArmorWorks products are designed for extreme protection. Our instrumented ballistic test laboratory uses full-scale testing to validate our products with actual ballistic and blast data. We shoot the full range of small- and medium-caliber ball bullets, armor piercing bullets and fragment threats up to 20mm on site — then move to instrumented outdoor testing for IED, blast and full-scale vehicle verification. We test early and often to find the limits of performance and use lessons learned in testing to improve our products and fine tune our computer simulations.

Defeat Every Bullet

As seen in the chart below, ArmorWorks has developed a broad range of highly effective standalone solution over the years. These are optimized to meet all durability, environmental, chemical and flammability requirements based on years of development and already fielded solutions, and ArmorWorks is continually optimizing armor solutions with the latest in material technology to improve performance and reduce costs. What’s more, our engineer are experts in survivability, vehicle integration, and product development experts with more than 60 years of combined tactical vehicle experience.

These charts show some of ArmorWorks’ many standalone solutions for engineering weight allocation analysis and serve as a good reference to determine how much weight an armor system will add to your vehicle based on the level of protection you need.

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