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ArmorWorks is a Phoenix, Arizona company that provides high-tech military armor protection. Our armor systems are in-service around the world in several U.S. Military applications.

We specialize in all aspects of military armor technology. Our engineering and fabrication services take your armor systems project from concept to production.

ArmorWorks is not a materials producer- we are military armor designers and producers who specialize in armor systems technology. We objectively evaluate and select only those materials and systems that best suit the needs of our customers. We use the latest generation ceramic armor and composite armor materials to construct our armor systems and we extensively test our products to assure their performance in a variety of environments.

ArmorWorks has produced over 300,000 ceramic armor and composite armor components for a variety of personnel armor, aircraft, and vehicle applications.

  • State-of-the-Art ceramic armor and composite armor systems technology
  • High-performance military armor products & designs
  • Engineering & R&D capability to apply technology & designs to production
  • Ballistic testing & analysis capability
  • Military armor production capacity and experience
  • Understanding of Military Armor: Aerospace, Personnel, Vehicle, and Ship Armor Applications
  • Patented Armor Systems Technologies


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